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EXTRA logistic software is a trade name of EXTRA internet services B.V. founded in 2012 based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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EXTRA logistic software

EXTRA logistic software developed an innovative and unique cloud based platform solution for the domestic and international logistic industry servicing single and multiple office environments. Our vision is putting people and processes first. This resulted in a user friendly, customized, easy to access, reliable and secured solution. Shipping Center not only improves internal processes and methodologies, but also ensures cost effectiveness, data quality, measurability and transparency.

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The background story

It all started in 2007 when Martin Prins was working at a forwarding company and looked for for a web designer to create a new website. He met Jack Vermaat and within 30 minutes they had a meeting to discuss the possibilities. Besides logistical experience Martin also has a background in the ICT sector; the cooperation started immediately. Shortly after the launch of the website, Jack was invited to investigate extra possibilities for clients on the new website.

At that time Martin's previous employer was working with the application INTTRA desktop. This is an extended application to create shipping instructions. 50% of the functionalities of this application were not used, it was not user friendly and the overviews were unclear.

A series of brainstorm sessions resulted in the idea for the first version of Shipping Center. With a client login on the new website where clients can create shipping instructions in a customized application offering only relevant information. Including an export function to INTTRA desktop for sending the shipping instructions.

After several improvements Martin and Jack had a meeting in 2011 and started to have brainstorm sessions raising question like: what can we do to improve the existing web application? What is available on the market today and are we satisfied with what is being offered? Can we improved this? How are we going to handle this? How can we be innovative in the logistical sector? How can we make a difference?

After multiple brainstorm sessions, research, designs, development, feedback and testing we can truly say that we have answered our questions through one logistical software application being… Shipping Center!

We don't stop innovating. We keep on renewing and we are focused on the future. We will always walk that extra mile. We are EXTRA!