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EXTRA logistic software biedt een innovatieve, klantgerichte en unieke cloud oplossing voor de nationale en internationale logistieke industrie. Het is onze visie om te focussen op mensen en operationele processen.

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Shipping Center verbindt shippers, expediteurs, rederijen, luchtvrachtmaatschappijen, douanekantoren en transportbedrijven in een totaaloplossing.

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Logistics Through Innovation
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EXTRA Consolidation

Shipping Center ondersteunt nu consolidation voor export, import en cross trade.

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10 april 2017

Welkom PVY Logistics B.V.

Vandaag hebben wij een nieuwe Shipping Center opgeleverd. Ditmaal voor PVY Logistics B.V. in Zwijndrecht.

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27 maart 2017

Welkom Holland Freight Bridge B.V.

Vandaag hebben wij een nieuwe Shipping Center opgeleverd. Ditmaal voor Holland Freight Bridge B.V. in Rotterdam.

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27 maart 2017

„EXTRA is updating and innovating Shipping Center on a regular basis what is totally in line with our own vision.“

Michael Pronk, New Way Shipping B.V.

„Together with EXTRA logistic software we are prepared for the future.“

Marcel van Heumen, Heumen Logistics B.V.

„A new generation of smart looking software that supports and simplifies our processes combined with effective and efficient solutions.“

Sylvia van der Brugge, Eagletainer Logistics Europe B.V.

„After we got a demonstration of Shipping Center we were convinced that this was the logistical software application we needed.“

Richard Strauss, B2L Cargocare B.V.

„The user friendly interface and logical build up makes it possible to improve our standards and process more shipments and keep our daily operations manageable, even with a small team.“

Laurens Thiermann, Thiermann Forwarding B.V.

„Because the processes are so transparent we can focus on our core business and have the tools to give our clients a much higher service level.“

Marcel Verhaegen, Triple F Logistics B.V.

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